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We bring AI to Manufacturing

Asquared IoT is focused on applying state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques (including Deep Learning) to obtain digital data from complex industrial processes/operations, to gain insights into this data, to identify anomalies and machine/process failures, and to derive useful information including probabilities of failures. Our innovative theme is “Edge Computing”, which refers to the ability to run analytics algorithms and perform real-time analytics tasks at the edge of the Industry 4.0 network, without any internet connectivity. We are developing products with embedded AI, based on edge computing, which are non-touch, non-intrusive, and easy to deploy in any manufacturing plant, and easy to retrofit to even older manufacturing setups.

Our Solutions Enable


Real-time analytics (Sound & Video Analytics)

  • Real-time analytics through fast and efficient AI implementations
  • Real-time alarms and warnings to flag issues, process defects etc.
  • Benefits: Minimize issues and downtimes

Predictive Maintenance

  • Predict failures and downtimes in advance
  • Benefit: Gain insights – link failures to physical parameters and processes!

Process and Efficiency Improvements

  • Identify and realize process and efficiency improvements through longer term analytics
  • Benefits: Improve process efficiencies and improve bottom-line.

Our Partners

Asquared is a member of Intel AI Builders Program, NVidia Inception Program, and CISCO Launchpad program.

"Asquared is excited about its collaboration with Intel India Maker Lab, a leading accelerator for systems startups. Asquared IOT has been and continues to leverage world class Intel® architecture processors along with Intel® Software Development Tools to optimize its AI on the Edge Solutions. In addition, we continue to benefit greatly from Intel India’s technical and business mentorship."

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